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70's Fashion History

Hippie clothes refers to wear produced or used by hippies that were “, garments or ” made to evoke or copy these designs. Hippies are best explained as people belonging to your global sub-culture movements in 1970s and 1960s that, along with fashion, also had philosophy, its feature songs and lifestyle.
Signature Garments
Garments often connected with hippie clothing contain bell bottom jeans, long dresses, vests, blouses that are large, and add-ons for example beads, scarves and headbands.
Layout Subjects
Other motifs in hippie clothes contain lively colours and psychedelic styles. Often these patterns mimic other nature images, landscapes, or flowers. Symbols and emblems, especially from Eastern cultures, are also featured prominently.
Associated Tendencies
Clothes, historically and subjects related to hippie clothes were connected with other styles in personal appearance. For example, men often wore long hair and beards and girls frequently went braless or did not cut their body hair.
Much of the fashion associated with hippie clothing lent inspiration from South American, traditional Native American, African, Asian and Indian clothes.
Doctrine and Garments
Facets of hippie culture and philosophy are found in the plan and stuff of hippie clothes. As an example, many hippies made their very own garments to be able to deny the status-quo, and strongly favored natural components including almond , wool or cotton.